Saving Money In Gathering Construction Materials

CementGo for local/regional top quality cement. The majority of the local branded cements like Chettinad cement, Penna cement, Maha cement and so on, are of good quality and are provided at better prices.Optimise cement usage by utilizing the right cement grade. OPC cement is usually a little more expensive than Pay Per Click cement. OPC cement is typically recommend for RCC structural work (like foundations, columns, roofing and beams) and Pay Per Click cement is suggested for non-structural works (Like Plastering, Tiling etc.,). This will not just conserve you costs however likewise boost the quality of building and construction by lowering fractures (Due to less heat of hydration). For optimizing the cement consumption in structural concrete, you can mix fly ash carefully (15 to 25% as part replacement to cement) with OPC 53 cement. This will not just reduce the costs but will also be durable (considering that degree of permeability will be low).
Bricks and Blocks: Purchase locally readily available bricks. Compare the expense of first class red clay brick and fly-ash brick in your locality. Opt for a brick which costs you less. Both flash bricks and red clay bricks are similarly good in strength. Incase you are choosing a structure of more than 3 flooring’s, then use AAC blocks instead of bricks. Although AAC blocks (cinder block) are more expensive than bricks, they are light weight. This will decrease the steel consumption per unit built up, as dead load reduced to one-third. Also as AAC blocks have low thermal conductivity, they can help you conserve electrical power costs for cooling your spaces.
Plastering: Choose Neeru (lime) Finish for internal plastering.

Doors and Windows: Avoid Wood door frames. Instead choose RCC door frames which can conserve upto 30% of the expense for Door framing.Use PVC doors for Restrooms and other wet locations like dry balcony etc., Usage Laminated flush door or block board for door opening aside from the primary door. This will decrease the cost of door work by 25%.
Floor covering: Usage Cement mosaic tiles to minimize cost of flooring works. Select size which lead to fewer wastagesGo for locally readily available granite for Kitchen platform and stair case actions. Use cut/waste piece of tiles in steps riser.
Grill and Railings: Use Painted MS section for Staircase railing and grills.
Electrical Material: You can opt for local make switches and sockets however constantly go for Branded wires for Home wiring.
Light Fitting: Choose Light fittings that are not just economical to your pockets at first but likewise conserve up on the electrical power charges and upkeep expenses in the future.
Avoid False Ceiling: False ceiling although will function as excellent insulation however is quite pricey. Opt for an easy POP surface to the roofing.
Paints: Use Semi-acrylic paint for internal and external walls which can conserve upon the cost.
Pipes CP Fixtures & Sanitary: The cost of hygienic and CP fixtures differs depending upon the type and quality of products utilized in the building and its expense decrease is left to the specific option and taste. We suggest you to select cost-effective local/regional brand names. Plumbing and Sanitary component can be easily replaced anytime without any taking apart in future. So changing them later on with the fixtures of your option will not cost you much.