Linatex furnishes a wide variety of natural rubber grades and natural rubber and synthetic blends, both of these in varying thickness and surface finishes. This combination allows Linatex to suit your needs in a variety of applications ranging from wear and impact protection, to noise reduction, to personnel protection.

Linatex Products

Linatex - The worlds Premier Red Rubber (95% latex) in 40 Durometer sheet form. High resilience, cut and tear strength, abrasion resistance, and noise reduction.

Linatex HM - Linatex with an extremely high strength and modulus of elasticity. Lintex HM is specifically formulated for applications where a high coefficient of friction, high wear resistance, and moderate heat resistance is needed.

Linard 60 - Hard Rubber, silica reinforced version of Linatex for severe wear duty.

Linard HDS - Hard rubber, natural/synthetic blend companion to Linatex designed to withstand severe wear duty.

LinaPlus FG - Natural rubber for food applications; made from FDA approved ingredients.

LinaPlus OZ - Natural Linatex specially formulated for applications where ultraviolet light is of concern in using ordinary natural rubber.

LinaTrile - Linatex formulated to handle high abrasion in an oil or chemical application where natural rubber compounds fail.

LinaGard BB - Linatex formulated to provide linings in acid, alkali, or high temperature applications.

LinaCrepe - Linacrepe is the uncured form of Linatex, furnished from the factory with a curative package. No further mixing/handling is needed prior to curing. It is formulated to allow end users the flexibility to use Linatex in new ways departing from the use of cold bonded sheets. LinaCrepe is available in sheet form packaged in 50 Kg. containers.

LinaCrepe HM - The uncured form of Linatex HM.

LinaCrepe FG - The uncured form of Linatex FG.

LinaCrepe 60 - The uncured form of Linard 60.

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